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Volunteer Experiences: Groups

Stepping Stones for Global Development will soon offer a diverse range of group volunteer opportunities that allow individuals to make a meaningful impact in communities worldwide. By joining our organization, volunteers become part of a dynamic team dedicated to improving lives and fostering sustainable development. Whether it's participating in community-building projects, supporting education initiatives, or engaging in environmental conservation efforts, our volunteers contribute their skills and passion to create positive change. If you're interested in becoming part of what we do, we encourage you to contact us at for more information.


Together, let's make a difference and create a brighter future for all.

Group of medical volunteers in the Galapagos
Medical volunteers in the Galapagos

Volunteer Experience: Individual

We are actively seeking individual volunteers for various roles at Stepping Stones for Global Development. We are specifically looking for volunteers in marketing, capacity training, mental health training, and interpretation. If you have skills or experience in any of these areas and are passionate about making a difference, we would love to have you join us. Contact us at for more information on these volunteer opportunities. Together, let's create positive change.


After conducting community asset mapping, we gain valuable insights into the strengths and resources available within a community. This information allows us to identify the specific needs of resource-scarce communities more effectively. By understanding the existing assets, such as local talents, organizations, or natural resources, we can pinpoint areas where support is lacking. This approach enables us to develop targeted interventions and initiatives that address the specific needs and challenges of these communities. Through this comprehensive understanding, we can optimize our efforts and make a meaningful difference in improving the lives of individuals living in resource-scarce areas.

Wheelchair donations


Stepping Stones for Global Development, headquartered in the United States, is actively extending its reach to make a positive global impact. In March 2023, we embarked on a transformative journey by sending a group of enthusiastic volunteers to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. This initiative resulted in a meaningful contribution to the local communities. Inspired by this success, we are excited about the possibility of returning to the Galapagos in the future. As our organization grows and our structure becomes more robust, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand our presence to new locations worldwide. Keep an eye on this site for the latest updates on our expanding global footprint.

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