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Who Are We?

We are a group of professionals from across disciplines and geographic boundaries who are committed to making positive impacts in the lives of others around the world through health and education endeavors.

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We collaborate with community leaders, healthcare professionals, educators, and organizations to provide sustainable improvements in health and education in resource-scarce communities.


We envision communities in which all people have access to high quality education and healthcare.

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Our Values

  • Inclusiveness: We embrace inclusion which unleashes the power of partnership and teamwork.

  • Collaboration: We assess and address healthcare and education capability gaps by working cross-sectorally to synchronize efforts for stakeholders at all levels that impact resource-scare communities. 

  • Integrity: We value strong ethical principles, transparency and honesty. 

  • Sustainability: We aim to ensure that organizations design programs that endures beyond the end of the project given a county/region’s finite resources. 

  • Innovation:  We leverage internal and external expertise to continuously assess for windows of opportunities, adjust to changing conditions, and prioritize efficiency.

Our History

In 2005 Emily Caldwell moved to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador where she co-founded a nonprofit organization called Galapagos ICE: Immerse Connect Evolve. Galapagos ICE was dedicated to improving health, education and conservation in the islands working closely with local leaders and the community. Galapagos ICE had more than 500 volunteers from 22 different countries. Galapagos ICE built eco-playgrounds, donated more than 15,000 books and 100 wheelchairs. They had medical mission groups and education volunteers. In 2012 there was a family tragedy and in 2014 the Board decided to close Galapagos ICE. Emily felt like she still had so much more to give and decided to gather a group of professionals from different backgrounds, including some previous volunteers of Galapagos ICE, to create Stepping Stones for Global Development. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

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