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Rayfurd Thompson

Rayfurd hails from the enchanting island of Saint Lucia, situated in the heart of the Caribbean. For the past nine years, he has proudly called Lynchburg, Virginia, his home, where he resides with his lovely wife and their delightful three-year-old son.

His educational journey led him to earn a bachelor's degree, an MBA, and another Master's degree in Nonprofit Leadership Studies from the University. In 2023, he returned to his alma mater as an Adjunct Professor of Nonprofit Finance.

Rayfurd is pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration degree at The University of Fairfax. His research focus centers on investigating sustainability practices within both for-profit and nonprofit organizations to address the sustainability challenges faced by nonprofit organizations.

In his professional capacity, he serves as the business office manager at the Virginia University of Lynchburg while diligently working towards obtaining various licenses to become a financial advisor and planner. Rayfurd's overarching goal is to collaborate with nonprofit organizations, fostering transparency and accountability within their operations.

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