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Dr. Lana Spry, PA-C, DMSc

Lana Spry was born and raised in Middle Tennessee. Her PA journey began with her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Middle Tennessee State University (2009). Next, she earned a Master of Health Sciences from the University of South Alabama (2012), followed by completing a Doctor of Medical Science degree from the University of Lynchburg (2023).


Lana’s career as a physician’s assistant began in rural Alabama working in family medicine. However, the majority of her work has been in multiple emergency rooms and urgent care clinics within Tennessee and Alabama. However, her passion for helping others took her even further, to places like Guatemala and Tanzania. 


In Guatemala, Lana teamed up with Health Talents International, a nonprofit medical mission based at Clinica Ezell in the city of Monte Llano to offer medical treatment and surgeries to rural communities in southern Guatemala. Lana assisted in countless clinical capacities, partnering with general and plastic surgeons performing life-changing procedures. 


In 2019, Lana moved to northern Tanzania to work with Neema House Geita, a children’s home and orphanage. Living there for a year, she coordinated medical outreach and education programs, oversaw the care of all children living at Neema House, and developed a curriculum for public health outreach in nearby villages. Likewise, she trained local staff members in basic health assessment skills, as well as trained them to effectively teach others within the village health outreach.


Currently, Lana is the Health and Wellness Coordinator at Providence Christian Academy in Murfreesboro, TN. She helped the school navigate a return to normal function after the onset of COVID. In doing so, she wrote, managed, and enforced all COVID and illness policies for all students and staff. She continues to advise and assist in creating illness policies and procedures, processes of medication administration, and management of day-to-day health-related operations. Likewise, she teaches dual-enrollment Intro to Anatomy and Physiology as an adjunct on-site professor through Bryan College. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, CrossFit, trying new foods/restaurants, reading, playing guitar, and spending time with friends and family. She is excited to work with Stepping Stones Global Development to make lasting change in the world!

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