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Galapagos March 2023

Below are the documents and steps you need to take after you've submitted your application for the Galapagos Islands trip from March 11-March 18 2023. If you have any questions please contact: Emily Caldwell at (Applications now closed)

Application Process

Potential Schedule

Download the schedule that may change between now and March. 


Download the payment fee structure including cancellation information. 

Pay Down Payment

Click this link and pay a nonrefundable $250 down payment. Please review the application process below.

Ministry of Health Required Paperwork

All medical professionals need to notarize their CVs, licenses and passport that will be sent to Washington DC and sent to Ecuador. The Ministry o Health takes approximately 3 months to process the documents. The documents will be due no later than October 28. This is preliminary information and we will update you as this develops.

Application Checklist

  1. Submit application

  2. Pay $250 non refundable down payment

  3. After submitting application, submit the Volunteer Agreement (Volunteer Handbook is forthcoming) and SSGD Health Form

  4. Final Payments received 40 days prior to arrival.

Program Fee information HERE

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